Established in 2010, Our company based in West Java, Indonesia.

mountain guide, volcano trek
indonesia mountain guide.

Starting from many friends who told us about their desire to climb mountains in Indonesia, but were constrained by limited vacation time, unavailability of public transport to the climbing location which is located in a very remote place, and limitations in understanding local languages, which become their concern that they would be victims of fraud, and so on. Those are some reason, why we build this company, we want to help people from other countries who want to know about Indonesia, up close and personal.

Excellent service, that is Trail Indonesia. We are specialized in organizing trip with adventurous way such as Mountain Hiking, River rafting, Cave Exploration, Volcano Trekking, or just a leisure trip to a historical places, or beaches. We also provide professional english speaking mountain guide, to lead your trip in Indonesia.

Supported by a team that has a foundation in the field of outdoor activities, especially mountain climbing, combine with educational background in tourism services.

We are Trail Indonesia, we lead people to experience the trail of Indonesia, we help people to organize their trip to Indonesia, so they can enjoy it, with no worries…

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