an archipelago country, consist of thousands of island, that has more than 150 mountains scattered on it’s island, which is 127 of them are volcanoes, that makes Indonesia called as “The Ring of Fire”.

Every single volcano, has it’s own characteristics and of course its beauty. And most of it located in a remote places.

There are also hundreds cultures with their own uniqueness, tribes with their local languages.
Other things that can’t be separated from this, is the beauty that hidden behind. The beauty of its landscape, its culture, its people, and many other.

So many adventure activities that you can do in Indonesia, from Mountain Hiking, River rafting, Cave Exploration, Volcano Trekking, or just a leisure trip to a historical places, or beaches.

Find out in our website, some exotic places in Indonesia, that await for you to explore. Trekking to Mount Kerinci, the highest Volcano in Indonesia, Climb Mount Rinjani as the second highest volcano and one of the most favorite volcano trekking destination among tourist from many countries, and discover the magnificent Mount Semeru, the Land of God, being the highest point on the island of Java. Ijen Crater, which in addition has an amazing natural phenomenon in the form of blue fire, but also has a story of the struggle of surrounding residents who work as sulfur miners. Mount Bromo, the one and only national park who has a massive area of sea sand..

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