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People around us are too busy so they can’t be invited to travel? In fact, we are in need of leisure and are eager to take a walk to release stress. Don’t be afraid, do traveling alone or better known as Solo Traveling. Sometimes Solo Traveling is more exciting. You can go anywhere without being limited to other people’s plans, and can meet and get to know new people.

But many people are too worried to travel solo. Afraid of getting lost, meet bad people, be lonely and other worries that make some people discourage them from doing traveling solo. Don’t be afraid, do a few of these tips so that you can enjoy your solo traveling with safe and fun.

1. Make an item list, and make sure all items are checked, and safely keep in the backpack before you leaving

sometimes we underestimate small things, by assuming, we will not forget these items, but later on before departure, we will be busy with other matters, and finally forget about the item. for example chargers, earphones, universal power jacks, etc. small items but it will be quite difficult for us if we do not carry them.

2. Learn some important local languange

If you want to go for a Solo Trip, don’t forget to learn some frequently used phrase, such as “thank you”, “can you help me”, etc. It’s very usefull when you go to a remote places or when you go for a hiking when local people cannot speak international languange like english, or even their national languange..

3. Never tell strangers that you were traveling solo.

On a Solo trip, avoid to tell people you don’t know that you were in a solo trip. Although not all strangers are bad people, it’s better for you to be carefull. If someone ask, just say that you are going with family or friends. A white lie is good for your safety sake.

4. Bring your favorite books

Sometimes, you will feel boring on a solo traveling, moreover when waiting somthing. So, you better bring your book, that you can read or you can write a travel story on your book.

5. Wear appropriate and suitable clothes with local culture

Try to find out about local culture, it’s also important. Some people will judge you with the way you dressing. If your way of dressing is not appropriate for local culture, maybe some people will judge your personality from the way you dress. If you dress that is considered rude, local people might ignore you when you need help.

6. Never forget to notify your family or the person closest to you about your travelling plan.

Telling where you are and where you are going is also important when traveling alone. So that the people closest to you are not worried. And also if something happens, they will be easy to track and provide help.

7. Never show off your jewelry or other valuable things.

Just keep in your mind, that crime can happen anytime, anywhere. And it can happen whether it is intended or not. Do not invite people to do crime to you.
Do not show too often your valuable items such as cameras, jewelry, cellphones and other expensive objects. Use these objects wisely, only when you really need it.

8. Trust your intuitions

If you feel uncomfortable with a situation or person, just ignore and leave it. No need to think, whether it is true or not, just follow your intuition. And it is better for you to learn some basic ways of self defence if you do a lot of solo traveling.

9. Pamper your self and do what you love

When you start to get boring, maybe it is time for you to pamper your self. For example, maybe you can enjoy any food you like, play the whole day, going to a spa for a massage, and any other things that you cannot do when you travel in a group. No need to be worries to explore and experience new places..

Those are some tips for you when you want to go for a solo travel. At the end, if you feel too lonely to travel alone, but none of your friends or family are available to go with you, maybe you can try to find a guide, who can accompany you during your trip, but off course you need a person that already trusted, you can ask your friends whether they have any recomendation of a trusted guide at your destination.

Have a great Solo Travel.. keep safe and have Fun!!

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