Not only as a means of agricultural irrigation, people who live in cities far from rivers also take advantage of the existence of rivers, one of which is as a River Rafting Activities ..

River Rafting in Indonesia

Indonesia, an archipelagic country consisting of thousands of islands, has more than 500 rivers, both small and large.

The history of adventure rafting in Indonesia began around the early 1970s with the term “Olah Raga Arus Deras” (ORAD) which means Heavy Rapids Sports.

Now, river rafting has developed into a means of recreation and education.
Although full of risks because they have to go through various obstacles along the river, but the activities will be fun and enjoyable if done by following the instructions from the instructors.

Short brief before Rafting from Professional Rafting Guide

This is what drives white water rafting to grow rapidly and attract tourists to navigate rivers in many distant and challenging areas.

The participants must have good physical and mental condition, and teamwork to be able to finish the game well.

River rafting

River Rafting in term of tourism activities, are always accompanied by Guides and rescue teams who are experienced and have international certificates.

In addition, it also requires adequate rafting equipment, such as paddles, helmets, life jacket and rubber boats.

Personal Rafting Equipment

Various safety equipment in rafting, such as throwing ropes, whistles, etc., also become an important part of rafting tourism.

River rafting can even combine with another adventure activities, such as Volcano Trekking. One of Indonesia adventure travel which provide those activities is Trail Indonesia..

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