Bromo, derived from Sanskirt, which means “Brahma”, one of the main God in Hindu religion.
It is one of the active volcano, located in east java, with the altitude of 2.329 m above sea level. And it is also belongs to Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park, the only National Park in Indonesia that has a sea of ​​sand, with an area of ​​10 km square.

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During 20th and 21th century, Mount Bromo has several eruption, with interval 30 years. The biggest eruption happen in 1974, and the latest is 2015 until now, with a small eruption.

Tenggernese, as the local tribes, believe mount Bromo as a sacred mountain. They held annual ceremony, which the called Yadnya Kasada, or Kasodo.

What to do

The main attraction at Mount Bromo is the Magnificent sunrise. There are some sunrise point for you to catch the sunrise at Bromo area, the famous one is from Mount Pananjakan. Here, you can see the crater of Bromo, Mount Batok, sea of sand, Mount Semeru, surrounding Hills, and the village nearby.
The other attraction is the sea of sand, and the whispering sand.

Normally, after enjoying the sunrise, travelers drive back to the sea of sand to visit the crater of Bromo up close from the rim crater. You need to walk from the jeep parking area accross the sand or you can pay some money for a horse ride, then walking up on a stairs to the rim crater.
Another spot to visit is the Teletubbies Hills. A huge savana hills, quite similar with teletubbies land on a kids movies.

Time to visit

The best time to visit Bromo is on April to August.

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