Volcano Trekking in Indonesia

Indonesia is located on the plate tectonic of earth’s crust from the Pacific Ring of Fire. It is on three collisions of continental plates, namely, Indo-Australia from the south, Eurasia from the north, and the Pacific from the east.

Hence, this geographical condition makes Indonesia as the area prone to volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and tsunamis. But on the other hand it makes Indonesia is a fertile sustain agricultural region.

Ash gushes from volcanic eruptions fertilizes the soil so that many people can live in the area around the volcano.
The Ring of Fire Ring also provides the potential for geothermal energy that can be used as an alternative energy source.

Until 2012, Indonesia has recorded 127 active volcanoes with approximately 5 million residents living in the vicinity.
And as many as 19 active volcanoes are located in Java Island.

Apart from the dangers that can be caused by these volcanoes, Volcano Trekking is an activity that is quite interesting and challenging for adventure seekers or nature lovers. This is because the beautiful scenery that is served by the Volcanoes, especially at its peak. On some volcanoes, you can even reach the rim crater and see the crater’s activity from very close distance.

When most of foreign climbers might only know one or two Indonesia Volcanos, such as Mount Rinjani in Lombok or Mount Batur in Bali Island. Actually there is a lot of beautiful and challenging volcanos hidden in Java Island.

Mount Merapi viewed from Mount Merbabu

Among these are, Mount Merapi (2,930 meters above sea level / masl) on the border of Central Java and Yogyakarta Special Region, Tangkuban Perahu Mountain (2,084 masl) in West Bandung and Subang Districts, and Mount Slamet (3,428 masl) which located in five districts, namely Brebes, Banyumas, Purbalingga, Tegal and Pemalang Regencies.

In addition, there are Mount Ciremai (3,078 masl) in Kuningan and Majalengka Regencies, Mount Lamongan (1,651 masl) in the Districts of Lumajang and Probolinggo, Mount Papandayan (2665 masl) in Garut regency, West Java .

Arjuno Mountain (3,339 masl) on the borders of Malang Regency and Pasuruan, Gunung Welirang (3,156 masl) in Mojokerto and Pasuruan Regencies, and Gunung Baluran (1,247 masl) in Situbondo Regency.

Then, there is Mount Raung (3,332 masl) in Banyuwangi-Bondowoso-Jember Regency, Gunung Kawi (2,551 masl) in Malang Regency, Gunung Butak (2,868 masl) on the border of Malang and Blitar Regencies.

Gunung Argopuro (3,088 masl) in Bondowoso Regency. Mount Penanggungan (1,653 masl) at the border of Mojokerto and Pasuruan Regencies. Mount Ijen (2,779 masl) at the border of Banyuwangi and Bondowoso Regencies.

Kelud Mountain (1,731 masl) in the areas of Kediri-Blitar-Malang. Mount Semeru (3,676 masl) in Malang Regency and Lumajang, and Mount Bromo (2,329 masl).

Gede pangrango volcano trekking
Mount Gede Crater, one of the active volcano near to Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia

Difficulty Level

The level of difficulty for volcano trekking are varied from easy to advance levels. Whereas climbers need climbing skills, they also asked to provide strong mind to face the terrain.

Mountain Guide

Accompanied by experienced mountain guides is highly recomended or novice climbers, or climbers from abroad. addition for being able to point out hiking trails, they also can help communicate with local people which most of them cannot speak foreign languages. Porters are also needed to help carry various equipment and logistics needed during the climb.

Volcano trekking
volcano trekking

One of Indonesia’s adventure tour operators, Trail Indonesia, can accommodate all the needs for volcano trekking in Indonesia. Starts from pickup at the airport, supply of equipment, porters, and of course experienced mountain guides who are also proficient in English.


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