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Mount Merbabu, is a dormant strato volcano type, located at 3 regency in Central Java which is Magelang, Boyolali and Semarang.

Mount Merbabu has eruption on 1560 and 1797, and also reported on 1570, but there are no further confirmation and research about this.
The altitude of Mount Merbabu is 3.145 M above sea level.

Merbabu is one of the favorite destination for many mountain climber to visit. The beautifull view at the top become a magnet to many volcano trekker or adventure junkie, to come and visit. Not only for local, a lot of trekkers also coming from other countries to hike Mount Merbabu.

There are several track to Mount Merbabu. One of the most popular is Selo entrance gate.
Selo is located about 1,5 hours from the special district of Jogjakarta.


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