Dieng Plateau is an active volcanic area in Central Java, which is included in Banjarnegara and Wonosobo Regencies. It is located on west side of the Mount Sindoro and Mount Sumbing complexes.
Dieng has an altitude of around 2,000 m above sea level. Temperatures range from 12-20 ° C in the daytime and 6-10 ° C at night. In the dry season (July and August), temperatures can reach 0 ° C in the morning and cause frost which locals call “Bun Upas” (“poisonous dew”) because it causes damage to agricultural crops.

dieng plateau
Dieng Plateau viewed from a shelter at Mount Prau

If you are in Dieng, all over the compass point, you can see views of the mountains and hills as if to surround this area. Some mountains include:
Mount Prau, Mount Sikunir and Mount Pakuwaja.
The view from the top of those mountain is very amazing. And to get to the top is relatively easy, even for beginner climbers. In addition to the 3 mountains, there are several other objects that you must visit while in Dieng, namely the color lake and the Pengilon lake.
In Dieng area, every year a cultural event is also held, the Dieng Culture Festival which is quite well known to foreign tourist. Dieng Culture Festival is an annual event where the highlight of the event is Ruwatan, which is a Purification Procession that has been very closely related to culture and customs in Java. Ruwatan for the Dreadlocked Boy has more or less the same purpose, namely a ceremony or “ritual” to cut the dreadlocks hair, that aims to drive away bad luck or bad luck to the dreadlocks boy and the Dieng community in general. More information about the Dieng Culture Festival will be explained in another article.

You can find our suggestion itinerary to visit Dieng Plateau here. Or you can contact us to discuss about your idea and time availability.


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