highly capable and efficient planning

ruizhi_sindoro"Rizky has helped in my adventures around Java, Indonesia, since 2010. He helped us in organizing our transport and guides up many mountains, and I am very appreciative of his highly capable and efficient planning. Without him we would not have had the privilege of reaching so many summits!

Most recently, Rizky organized our trip to climb two volcanoes in Java - Sumbing and Sindoro. Due to a last-minute change in the situation, we were unable to climb Gunung Sumbing, but Rizky went more than the extra mile to accommodate our change in itinerary. He was very flexible and understanding of our situation.

More than anything, I deeply admire his meticulous attention to everyone under his care. Climbing a mountain is never easy, but Rizky was always there with a smile, or a hot drink, or a funny joke to cheer us up, even when it was raining, even when things got difficult.

I highly recommend this guide - climbing with him for many years has shown me that I can trust him even in a situation as dangerous and as unpredictable as climbing a mountain."


Unforgettable 3 days adventure trip in East Java and Bali


My son (almost 10) and I spent 3 days with Kido climbing up the East Javan volcanoes (Bromo and Ijen), rafting down a river, crossing over to Bali on a ferry and snorkeling along Menjangan island! An absolutely memorable adventure trip thanks to Kido's great organisation, his spirit and incredible enthousiasm! I would recommend him anytime for an Indonesian discovery trip and his great network of contacts across Indonesia mean that you can ask him to tailor any kind of trip for you (from Sumatra to Papua!!). We'll definitively go on another trip with Kido soon :)



Kido guided the 4 of us to the top of the 2 Javanese volcanoes Arjuno and Welirang.
During the 4 days he was very caring and attentionate to our well-being. He came well prepared, the trip went as per the schedule proposed and the equipment provided for the camping was of very good quality. Kido is good climbing company and it will be a pleasure to trek with him again should we need it in the future.

Jean-Baptiste B

A fun-filled adventurous trip


It was an enjoyable 4 day trip from Ijen volcano, water rafting at Pekalen river and finally to the amazing Mt Bromo. Though I was on the trip alone, Rizky ( Kido) has absolutely make me feel safe and he is totally reliable. Besides, he was patient especially when I took my time to climb the volcanoes. Rizky is a fun loving, good natured and accommodating guide. I think it helps when u have a guide who likes photography. We practically stayed on while others are long gone at the peak of Penanjankan. That's where we managed to capture more beautiful sceneries of Mt Bromo.


Mt.Sindoro-Sumbing trip


My group were to climb Sumbing and Sindoro during our trip. The climb up Sindoro was intense and challenging, but a great experience nonetheless! I was unable to proceed with Sumbing, and my guide (Rizky) was really accommodating in the itinerary changes! :) Besides the climb, I think what made the entire trip really special was the warmth and hospitality that my guide, Rizky, has shown to my group. In addition to his accommodation to our needs, he readily shared with us his climbing experiences and cultural knowledge of Indonesia, which really gave the trip an added meaning and specialness.

I'll be back for more! Hopefully it'll be Sumbing next!

Daniel J. Tan

Gunung Gede

at the top of mount Gede

We had a great time with Kido, hiking Mount Gede. Preparation and communication before the trip went smoothly, the tour was very well organized and the scenery amazing. Thanks a lot for an amazing experience!

André and Christel

absolutely amazing time

top of arjunaWe had an absolutely amazing time with Kiddo and his crew (Trail Indonesia). We made a few trips with them in fact because we trust him creating and coordinating the best trip always. Very heartfelt, understanding, and responsible. If you want to experience the best climb/trek trip, I would definitely recommend them for your amazing, spectacular and unforgettable memory. :D

Masako Ishimoto
Japan - Singapore

Semeru ~ Bromo

We had a great trip on hiking and climbing at Mount Semeru/Bromo. Most of the details were well taken cared by Kido, including setting up of the tents at base of Semeru volcano, meals etc. Also the climbing guides were excellent in performing their job to ensure our safety when boulder came rolling down. Will be back for more adventures with Kido again soon! Good Job Kido!

Jasson Lee

First and best hike at Mt Rinjani


What an experience to travel with Kido. From the moment when we met at the airport to the summit of Mt Rinjani, no dull moments or hiccups! My friends and I were very well taken care of from transport to accommodation to food. He planned and improvised together with us even though we had a flight delay. A pleasant character and hardworking attitude that's our guide! Looking forward to see him again soon, another trip another adventure! Did I mention that he is fit, experienced and also very funny?




Had the pleasure of climbing Mts Merapi and Rinjani with Kido and can safely say that I couldn't have had a better guide and companion. Besides being extremely experienced and knowledgeable about the different trails, Kido always put the safety and concerns of the group first and everyone was touched by the hospitality and care shown. While completing the hikes were a great personal achievement, I think the best thing we got out of all these adventures was a wonderful friend in Kido!

Ian Li
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