Located at the Province of Riau, Tesso Nilo is the largest low land rain forest in Sumatera Island, with coverage area up to 83.000 hectares. And will be increase to 100.000 Hectares which functioned as one of earth lungs. The area Including 4 major district, Palalawan, Indragiri hulu, Kuantan Sengingi, and Kampar.

Riau was has a huge forest areas, due to large-scale fires and oil palm plantation land clearing, so now almost two-thirds of primary forests in Riau has been damaged. Therefore, the government has set it as a national park forest, to prevent more damage to forests.

Some biologist said that Tesso Nilo is home to tropical vascular plant species, whose numbers exceed those found in the Amazon forest region. Tesso Nilo is also the habitat for the endangered Sumatran elephant, Sumatran tiger, and tapirs. In addition, there are also wild boar, deer, bears and other wildlife.
In 2012, there were around 150 elephants in Tesso Nilo. Besides, WWF found traces of 50 Sumatran tigers. Unfortunately, because of the location of the national park close to population centers, wild elephants threatened settlements. Illegal logging and forest fires are also considered to be one of the causes of wild elephants attacking humans.


Tesso Nilo is a fantastic area for nature lovers to explore the dense jungle, riding elephants which were trained by the Flying Squad. look for traces and animal nests, or simply roam to observe wildlife and tall old trees. You can observe wildlife in the national parks from the rangers hut, which also can be a place to sleep while visiting Tesso Nilo.

There is also an observation tower near Camp Flying Squad. From there you can see the panoramic view of the park from a height. The tower is also the best place to watch the stunning scenery during sunset or sunrise.

Another exciting ways to enjoy the charm of this protected forest is to hire a boat down the river Nilo. passes through dense forests, especially in the area where the Nilo river meets the Tesso River.

In Tesso Nilo there are beehive, or wild honey trees where locals can take honey. Before harvest, they perform special rituals to ensure sustainable honey. The ceremony can also be organized upon request. Do not forget to bring home this natural honey, because it is good for health. Can also be used as souvenirs for friends and family.



There is no public transport from Pekanbaru to Tesso Nilo. Therefore, we recommend you hire a car from Pekanbaru to Kerinci. Furthermore, spliced using a motorcycle trip to the national park.

To enter the Tesso Nilo National Park, you must have a permit signed by the Head of Tesso Nilo National Park.

It takes about 3 hours journey by motorcycle from WWF headquarters to Tesso Nilo. The path includes oil palm plantations, farms and forests.


If you want to explore the Tesso Nilo National Park, the only accommodation available is a cottage in the forest guards in the national park.

Just simply contact us to explore Tesso Nilo national park, we will accommodate all the needed from permit and logistics.

Reference : www.indonesia.travel/id


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