Siberut Nationap park Map

Siberut Nationap park Map

Siberut island located off the coast of West Sumatra, which are separated by the Mentawai Strait and is approximately 155 km away from the city of Padang. Siberut National Park which is located on the island, 60% of the area covered by primary dipterocarp forest, mixed primary forest, swamp, coastal forest, and mangrove forests.

Forest in national parks is relatively still natural with the number of large trees with an average height of 60 meters.

Siberut National Park has four primate species that are not found in other regions of the world (endemic) is bokkoi (Macaca pagensis), langur Mentawai / Joja (Presbytis potenziani siberu), bilou (Hylobates klossii), and Simakobu (Nasalis concolor siberu ). In addition, there are 4 types of squirrels are endemic, 17 species of mammals and 130 species of birds (4 endemic).

Siberut island, including Siberut National Park is one of the Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in the Man and the Biosphere Programme (MAB).

The trip into the park not much done by tourists. so far the main object for visitors to the island of Siberut only to see the culture of the Mentawai people which live in the national park and surrounding areas. In many ways, the Mentawai people are tribes in Indonesia, which is still very traditional and largely embraced animism. Social activities centered around a place called “UMA”, which is a jointly owned house, which size is quite long and is inhabited by 30-80 people

A visit to Siberut National Park is a combination of travel ranging from boating, rowing, walking in muddy trail, enjoying the natural beauty of tropical forests including the observation of plants / animals, bathing in waterfalls and directly observe the indigenous people. For the visitors, the trip can be an unforgettable adventure trip.

Some locations / attractions to visit:

Madobak, Rokdok, Matotonan, Rorogot, Butui, Teteburuk, Selaoinan and Mailepet: Exploring the woods, exploring rivers, hot springs, waterfalls, marine tours, observing animals and plants as well as cultural tourism (Uma House and religious dances).

Sagulubek and Masilok Beaches. Sports surfing and diving / snorkeling in the marine park / mangroves.

Cultural attractions outside the national park: Gandang Tasa Festival in May, and Tabuik Festival in June in Padang.

The best visiting season: January to September every year.

How to reach: from Padang (Muara Padang) to Muara Siberut / Muara Sikabaluan / Muara Saibi by ship (3 times a week) at night, ± 10 hours

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