Currently, there are 11 areas in Sumatera Island, which is designated as a national park :

Leuser National Park Map

Leuser National Park

1. Gunung Leuser *) **)

Mount Leuser National Park is a representative type of coastal forest ecosystems, and lowland tropical rain forests, to the mountains




Siberut Nationap park Map

Siberut National Park

2. Siberut *)

Siberut island located off the coast of West Sumatra, which are separated by the Mentawai Strait and is approximately 155 km away from the city of Padang




kerinci national park

Kerinci Seblat

3. Kerinci Seblat **)

Kerinci National Park represents the ecosystem types lowland rain forest to sub-alpine ecosystems as well as some unique ecosystems include peat swamp, freshwater swamps and lakes.



bukit tigapuluh map

Bukit Tigapuluh

4. Bukit Tigapuluh National Park

Bukit Tigapuluh (Thirty Hills) National Park is a hilly region in the middle stretch of eastern lowlands of Sumatra, and has the potential diversity of plants / endemic animal which valuable



twelve hills map

twelve hills map

5. Bukit Duabelas National Park

Bukit Dua Belas (Twelve Hills) National Park is one area of lowland tropical rain forest in Jambi province. Originally, this area is a permanent production forest, limited production forest and other areas which combined into a national park.



map of berbak

map of berbak

6. Berbak National Park ***)

Berbak National Park is a nature conservation area for the conservation of the largest swamp forests in Southeast Asia are untouched by human exploitation. Its uniqueness in the form of a combination of interest between peat swamp forest and freshwater swamp forests sprawling East coast of Sumatra.


sembilang national park

Sembilang National Park

7. Sembilang National Park ***)

Sembilang National Park is representative of peat swamp forest, freshwater swamp forest and riparian forests (riverside) in the Province of South Sumatra. Thousands and even up to tens thousands migratory birds Siberian origin, can be witnessed in Sembilang which peaked in October.



Bukit Barisan Map

Bukit Barisan

8. Bukit Barisan Selatan **)

Bukit Barisan Selatan (southern mountain chain) National Park  is representative of the Bukit Barisan mountain range consisting of mangrove forest vegetation types, coastal forest, tropical pamah forest, to the mountains of Sumatra



Way Kambas Map

Way Kambas

9. Way Kambas

Way Kambas National Park is representative of lowland forest ecosystem consisting of freshwater swamp forest, grassland / shrub, and forest on the coast of Sumatra.



map of batang gadis national park

batang gadis national park

10. Batang Gadis

The Pearl of Rainforest in land of Mandailing Batang Gadis National Park (TNBG) is administratively located in Mandailing Natal (Madina) North Sumatra province which includes 13 sub-districts and tangent to 68 villages



11. Tesso Nilo

Located at the Province of Riau, Tesso Nilo is the largest low land rain forest in Sumatera Island, with coverage area up to 83.000 hectares. And will be increase to 100.000 Hectares which functioned as one of earth lungs

*) : Biosfer Reserve

**) : World Heritage Sites

***) : RAMSAR Sites


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