The highest mountain in Java Island, and the 3rd highest volcano in Indonesia. Geographically, Mount Semeru located in Lumajang and Malang district. With the altitude of 3.676 M above sea level. People called “Mahameru” for it’s summit, which derived from javanese languange, “Sumeru” which means The Land of God.

And Jonggring Saloko as the name of it’s crater. Mount Semeru is a mountain with the type of active strato-volcanic, located within the area of Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park. This area is located in an area of 50.273 hectares. Besides the beauty of it’s natural scenery, the park is also rich in culture (Tengger Tribe). This is the main attraction for tourists both local and foreign.

Mount Semeru has a special place for Hindus and Buddhists in Indonesia in general, because the mountain is personified as a sacred mountain located in India. In cosmology, Hindu and Buddhist Semeru derived from Sansekerta which means Sumeru “Meru Supreme” is the center of  the universe, whether physical or metaphysical (spiritual).

Mount Semeru is believed to be the abode of the gods (Shiva). The mountain is also regarded as the “Acala Linga” phallus that does not move as well as means phallus which was created not by humans.

Besides the beauty of natural scenery and legends of its existence, it has the Archaeological Heritage of Mount Semeru in the form Arca (Arcopodo) and inscriptions Kumbolo. According to Dwi Cahyono, a Lecturer in University of Malang, archeologist, in an interview article on a website saying, Kumbolo inscription is an inscription that is thought to be a relic of the kingdom of Kediri, Whereas Arcopodo is thought to be a relic from the kingdom of Majapahit. 

Hikers will not be able to find this Arcopodo along the hiking trail to the summit of Semeru, because this statue is in the ascent path that has long been closed, this is because the line is destroyed by landslides that occur naturally, and then the new path made by officials, to prevent damage by the hands of ignorant.

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