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Mount Merbabu National Park is a national park that covers the forest areas in Mount Merbabu. Administratively, this national park are included in 3 (three) districts of Boyolali, Magelang, and Semarang district in Central Javanese province.

Mount Merbabu National Park area designated by the Minister of Forestry No. 135 / Menhut-II / 2004 dated May 4, 2004 concerning changes in the function of the protected forest area and natural park in the group area of 5,725 hectares of forest Merbabu. This area is considered important as a source of water for the people living in the vicinity. In addition, the forest area Merbabu also a habitat of flora and fauna which is protected and preserved. National park management system applied will be able to preserve and develop this conservation area so as to improve the welfare of the community.

This national park mainly consists of mountain forest zones,

The lower montane forest zone (1000-1500 m asl), currently has changed (not the original anymore) and covered by the kinds of pine (Pinus merkusii), puspa (Schima wallichiissp. Noronhae) and Bintuni.

  1. The upper mountain forest zone (1500-2400 m asl), covered by species of acacia (Acacia decurrens), puspa, mountain sengon (Albizia lophanta), sowo (Engelhardtia serrata), mountain pine (Casuarina junghuhniana), pairs (Quercus sp), and tanganan.
  2. forest zone (vegetation) sub-alpine (2400-3142 m asl), overgrown by grass and edelweiss Java.

Some animal species recorded from this area of which is Javanese eagle, black hawk, kestrel cow, Crested serpent eagle, partridge, turtledoves, Wren stone, Roe, porcupine, civet, mongoose, the long-tailed monkeys, leopards , etc.

Climbing Mount Merbabu

Located in the area of Mount Merbabu National Park, Mount Merbabu (3142 m asl) it self, is a mountain belonging to the old volcano, located adjacent to the Mount Merapi, one of an active volcano. Mount Merbabu have many shadow peak (not the original peak) which is sometimes gives hope to the climbers who thought they had been close to the peak merbabu, , although actually it was just a fake peak. But in fact it makes it challenging for people climb this mountain. The real  peak of Mount Merbabu consists of two peaks of the Sarip peak located at an altitude of 3120 m above sea level and Songo Kenteng Peak with an altitude of 3142 m above sea level. Each of these peaks have a different natural panorama.

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