Mount Merapi

Mount Merapi

An area with a specific ecosystem, namely tropical forest area with volcanic (influenced by the presence of volcanic activity). Characteristics of the ecosystem has many variations, ranging from the montane ecosystems, tropical montain forest, secondary forest, until plantation forest.

Mount Merapi is a unique area with particularity geosystem, biosystem and sociosystem. This area has a very important role for the region of Central Java and Yogyakarta, as a source of clean water, clean air and a source of environmental comfort. This area is a water catchment area with some of the upstream river irrigates not only Merapi area, but other areas underneath, so that Mount Merapi is often referred to as the “Heart or Lives” of the Special Region of Yogyakarta. In socio-cultural Mount Merapai believed to have supernatural relationship with the community of Mount Merapi. So that many rituals are performed relating to the community of Mount Merapi.

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Mount Merapi National Park tourism potential with a very remarkable volcanic shades.

Some places and attractions that can be enjoyed and developed in this region, include;

  1. Merapi peak region; There are four craters, namely Pasar Bubrah , Pusung London, Crater 48 and 46, with five fumarole field, namely Woro I, II, III and Gendol A and B. In this region can be seen the attractions of volcanic eruption.
  2. Wonoleko: panoramic view from the scenic waterfalls.
  3. Trails of Kinahrejo Treking – Tlogo muncar; Tropical forest scenery of the mountains, with the diversity of flora and fauna with volcanic nuances.
  4. Tlogo Muncar and Tlogo Princess; Natural phenomenon waterfall with bathing place and beautiful nature. For the local people, this place has a high historical value, because they are convinced that Tlogo Muncar believed to have been used by the Daughters of the Goddess Condokirono from the the Majapahit Empire for a shower.
  5. Arboretum in kaliurang; The Arboretum has a collection of native plant species (endogeneus) and exotic, especially pine.
  6. Turgo Hill; is a footpath with a view of biodiversity. This area is also a pilgrimage destination since there is the tomb Sheikh Jumadil Qubra. apart from that there is also a Japanese cave and Ledik Paku.
  7. Plawangan Hill; Plawangan Hill _ is almost the same as Turgo Hill has a beautiful natural scenery and at the top there is Japanese cave which is easily reached by foot.
  8. Kaliurang area; In this area there are many private properties are are managed intensively, is very suitable for a agro-tourism activities.
  9. Boyong River Valley – Western Kaliurang; The specificity of this area is the landscape of the river valley which is the remains of sediment deposition pirolastik hot clouds (wedus trash), this area is potential to be developed as a special interest tourist destination.
  10. Turgo traditional village, see the life of Javanese traditional people, particularly Yogyakarta, which reflects harmony with the natural environment.
  11. Javanese Traditional Architectures, Javanese Tradition Houses, has a high religious values. Each parts are made with a meaning, that is based on man’s relationship with the creator
  12. Local Beliefs.  Peoples of Mount Merapi, especially the southern part (Yogyakarta and surrounding areas) believe that Mount Merapi and all its dynamics strongly associated with mystery and supernatural phenomena, so that traditional communities of Mount Merapi do many rituals / salvation associated with Mount Merapi, among other : ports salvation, salvation facing the danger of Merapi, Tuesday and Friday evening pond salvation, cattle salvation and many more.These ritual events become an attraction for tourists because it provides experience not found anywhere else.

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