Biosphere reserves are sites designated by various countries through cooperation programs Man and The Biospher (MAB-UNESCO) to promote biodiversity conservation and sustainable development, based on local community efforts and reliable science.

The proposal establishment of Biosphere Reserves submitted by the national government. Each reserve must meet certain criteria and in accordance with the minimum requirements before being inserted into the network world. Thus mentioned by the man and biospher page (MAB) of UNESCO.

Biosphere reserve is, an ideal area to test and demonstrate approaches that lead to sustainable development at the regional level.

Biosphere Reserve Management is divided into three interrelated zones, namely the core area (Core Area), a buffer zone (buffer zone), and the transition area (Transition zone).

Indonesia currently has 7 Biosphere Reserves include Siberut Island Biosphere Reserve is set in 1993, Gunung Leuser Biosphere Reserve is set in 1980, Tanjung Puting Biosphere Reserve is set in 1982, Biosphere Reserve Cibodas set in 1980, Lore Lindu Biosphere Reserve is set in 1993, Biosphere Reserves Komodo is set in 1990, Biosphere Reserves Wakatobi Marine Park is set in 2012.

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