map of berbak

map of berbak

Berbak National Park is a nature conservation area for the conservation of the largest swamp forests in Southeast Asia are untouched by human exploitation. Its uniqueness in the form of a combination of interest between peat swamp forest and freshwater swamp forests sprawling East coast of Sumatra.

Plant species in the national park include meranti (Shorea sp.), And various species of palm. Berbak National Park has the most famous palm species of ornamental plants in Indonesia. Palm species of ornamental plants that are rare concerning the type leaf umbrella (Johanesteijmannia altifrons) as well as the newly discovered types namely Lepidonia kingii (Lorantaceae) big flowering red / purple.

Hundreds and even thousands of migratory birds can be seen in this park, which can lead to admiration when birds fly in groups.

The entrance to the national park’s western section reached by exploring rivers Water Black In. Black Water Named in because the color was black as coffee. when the tide is low, animal feces, leaf litter and other objects taken from the river water in the mangrove forest towards the Batang Hari River and continues into the sea.

Berbak National Park is not only protected nationally, but also internationally ie designated as Wetlands International in the RAMSAR Convention in 1992.

Some locations / attractions to visit:

Air Hitam Dalam river

Air Hitam Dalam river

Air Hitam Dalam (Deep Water Black) . Scour the river and watch the life of plants / animals.

It’s also the habitat of Sumatran tigers.

Simpangkubu. Research or exploring the forest, observing animals and plants.

Air Hitam Laut  (Black Water Sea). Research or exploring the forest, observing animals and plants.

Cultural attractions outside the the national park: Cultural Parade in April, in the Batang Hari River-Muara Bulian, Jambi.

The best visiting season: March to November every year.

How to reach: From Jambi scour the Batang river by speedboat to turn right scour the Black Water River for 2.5 – 3 hours, or directly to Nipah length for 4-5 hours. From Nipah Panjang,  proceed to the village of Black Sea water for 5-8 hours through the South China Sea (trip to the Black Sea water should consider the notorious South China Sea)

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