indonesia national parks

National Park in Indonesia is a nature conservation area which is has original ecosystem, managed by the zoning system which is is utilized for research, science, education, support aquaculture, tourism, and recreation (Article 1, point 14 of Law No. 5 of 1990).

Nature Conservation Area is an area with specific characteristics, both on land and in water which is has the function of a life support system protection, preservation of biodiversity of plants and animals, as well as the sustainable use of natural resources and ecosystems (Article 1, point 13 of Law No. 5 Year 1990).

The national park is protected ground, usually by the central government, of human development and pollution. All national park in the world are protected area (protected area) by the World Conservation Organization Category II. The largest national park in the world is Northeast Greenland National Park, which is was established since 1974.

Indonesia has 50 a national park are scattered throughout the archipelago. 7 of them designated as Ramsar sites, 6 of them as a biosphere reserve, and 4 of them are designated as a world heritage site


National Parks in Sumatera Island

National Parks in Java Island

National Parks in Bali And Nusa Tenggara

National Parks in Kalimantan (Borneo)

National Parks in Sulawesi Island

National Parks in Maluku and Papua Island


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